What’s love got to do with it?


I love affirmations with a caveat, Our internal messages and beliefs override positive affirmations, so you need to find those you can believe at least until you heal the belief. For the past three years, my self-talk in the mirror has been, you got th

What’s love got to do with it?2022-02-14T14:26:12-07:00

How do you want to feel?


In December's newsletter, I asked who do you want to be? My personal answer is happy and healthy. I started journaling about what makes me happy and what I can do to improve my health. Guess what? I am now taking action on my health and happiness. This

How do you want to feel?2022-01-24T16:04:44-07:00

Feel Good Tips


Chantel's Feel Good Tips Celebrate who you are, not what you think you should be! Here are my favorite tips for you to feel better a day at a time! Tip #1 Start a gratitude journal, and use it daily. Writing down things you are grateful for helps inst

Feel Good Tips2017-02-22T10:53:40-07:00

Inside vs Outside World


Inside vs Outside World If our outside world reflects our inside world; then why are we running around frantically trying to fix our outside world? The idea of trying to change all the outer appearances, without looking at the internal cause can be cr

Inside vs Outside World2017-02-22T10:58:34-07:00

Stuck in the Muck!


It’s too peopley outside! A girl I know that often says it’s too peopley outside! This makes me chuckle sometimes it is too peopley out in the world for us introverts. It’s been too mosquitoey outside this summer. My new perfume has become off, and we

Stuck in the Muck!2017-02-22T11:01:15-07:00

Laugh your______ off


Laugh your _______ off Mistakes are a part of life. Unfortunately much like everything else in life adults take their mistakes far too seriously. You can either let your mistakes define you or develop you. If you look at mistakes as a lesson or a time

Laugh your______ off2017-02-22T11:16:02-07:00

The Professional Ignorer


The Professional Ignorer Your critic’s As a coach and self+body image specialist, I see how damaging other’s criticisms can be.They cause a deep emotional upset that can affect a person for years. Unfortunately, critics seem to be hiding in every litt

The Professional Ignorer2017-02-22T11:21:11-07:00
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