Healing through Horses

Let horses rewrite your story

You can walk around in the world living a lie, wearing masks to protect yourself – horses will show you in their unique way this is no way to carry on and bust you every time. As humans, we grow up believing in stories: stories told by others, stories spread by the media, stories fed by our inner critic. Forgetting to question whether they are actually true. Working with the horses and myself (the equine interpreter) will set you free: Free of self-loathing, body judgments, self-limitations and free of the stories. Go ahead, set yourself free and discover our healing programs.

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Walk the Path to Self-Discovery

Let our herd of horses awaken the spirit in you

If you or someone you love need help rewriting stories and a boost in confidence, step on the path to discovering our programs.

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Meet Chantel, self & body image specialist and her healing horses

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Equine Reflection in the Media

They are spreading the word about horses as healers…

Womanization Magazine – Issue 2016
Chantel Schmidt Interview article. Womanization magazine
The Camrose Canadian – August 2014
Chantel Schmidt Interview article. Womanization magazine
Equine Reflection at the Women’s Show in Edmonton – August 2014
Women Conference
Chantel talks to “Blog Talk Radio” – November 2016

Chantel Schmidt talks to Blog Talk Radio

Chantel and the herd on CTV News – November 2016

Equine Reflection on CTV-NEWS

“Chantel’s Beautiful coaching style creates a safe, loving, supportive space for her clients to explore and release areas of deep emotion and experience.”
Brenda W - Kila, Montana

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

“Chantel coached me through a very old and traumatic event that I had never addressed up until now. She held a very loving space and now I feel a beautiful sense of wholeness. Which I have always longed for.”
Wendy Y - Victoria, BC