Liar, liar pants on fire, little white lies can keep you stuck

I think we teach our children and ourselves that kindness is more important than truth. So we somehow make it acceptable to tell little white lies. I do agree with not being brutally honest and saying hurtful things, however, sometimes being truthful is the kindest thing you can do – Especially for yourself. These little lies become a harmful habit.

Lie: No I don’t over eat, I can’t understand why I’m overweight
Truth: I don’t listen when my body tells me it’s had enough
Lie: I am really not a shopaholic, I don’t understand why I have no money
Truth: I often shop when I’m sad, I buying things I don’t need or use
Lie: I don’t drink too much alcohol, It is my reward at the end of the day, every day
Truth: Drinking is my stress coping mechanism, I don’t stop after just one

The problem with telling ourselves little white lies is that we begin to live to accept the lies as truth.

Denial sets in and we come up with a good story to explain how something is acceptable, tolerable when truthfully it’s not. We take no action to change a situation that is not serving us in living our best life.
Is today the day you get real? Stuffing your truth is a harmful habit, make a commitment to get honest with yourself first, then get honest with others.
Taking this step will have you face what needs to change. Denial may have served you in the past, is it holding you back now?
I know sometimes denial is easier than facing the truth. Reality can feel harsh at first, yet getting real will have you face your personal hurdles head on.
Ever heard of the truth shall set you free? What are you no longer willing to tolerate? Is there something that you need to face that you have been avoiding?

So what is your truth?

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned from the horses is truth. Horses are truth detectors, they resonate only with the truth. – Chantel Schmidt