How to stop obsessing about weight?

Being weight obsession is a thought pattern; I created 3 simple steps to stop obsessive thought patterns. This can be used for any moment of stinking thinking!

STOP – Say stop either out-loud or in your mind. Then create a physical cue, grab a particular finger, make a certain body movement, or use an elastic band on your wrist. (Snapping it hurts less than the abusive self-talk)

RESET – Reset in gratitude, or what I like to call “bodytude”, gratitude for the body. Focusing on this replaces the thoughts of what is “wrong” with your body.

START OVER – Give yourself permission to start over. Don’t focus on the mistakes made… like eating a whole cake, or feeling like you messed up your eating plan. Just vow to do better and move on.

“What a great opportunity to really look at my body image and the crazy things I tell myself about my body. Chantel provided valuable information and powerful tools to help transform how I look at myself and the stories I have told myself about my body and self image.” – Brenda W., Montana