Fear the Fire Breathing Dragon

There is nothing that spreads like wildfire more than fear.

From one person’s lips to your ears, fear can inject into your psyche. The wildfire then spreads from your lips to another’s ears and so the fire breathing dragon continues her message of lack, not enough, you will never make it… no one else has done that before, you’re doing it all wrong, she finds details to back up all her theories.

Look at the economy, Look at your bank account, look at your health report. See how everyone is struggling around you. Seriously who made you so special that you think you can do better?

For me the answer is God- and God is love, so yes we all can have a better life if we chose. The dragon tested me in a big way lately. I was almost completely consumed by her fire. It is hard not to let others opinions, and fears about who you are- not burn you and steal your joy.

What if they are right?

This question was the one that had me sobbing uncontrollably. If this is a question in your mind, be careful here this is you giving your power away. Pay close attention to the questions that lead you astray. Fear can be projected onto you as someone’s own lack, their opinions are really how they feel about themselves and the world around them.

We have all been told that the opposite of fear is love, I believe it is also truth.  Truth and love are the warrior that slays the fear breathing dragon. I am fortunate to have my truth detectors (horses) out in the field to help me work through my fears. But what if you don’t have a horse to go hug- to bring you to a place of pure love and acceptance? Well… come to “The Middle of Somewhere Ranch”! Until you can come see me and the horses, here’s some helpful tips to overcome your fears- or other people’s fear spreading to you.

  • First ask yourself is this true for me? If it’s not then thank the person politely for their opinion, give it back to them. I find that saying “That’s an interesting point of view that you have that point of view ” helps.
  • If it feels true at the time ask, what if? Asking what if , has you think things through. What if_____ happened?
  • What would I do? We all like to have options planned out, so make a plan of your next steps, if this really did happen to you.
  • What else is possible? This question opens you to new options.
  • Find a way each day to show yourself love and acceptance. Stop the dragon in her tracks and return your thoughts to love- What would love say about me, or my situation?
  • Gratitude is a weapon that can be used every day to keep fear at bay.

A good friend of mine said this to me while I was struggling.

“Fear is always the negative under writer of peoples less positive behavior.” TRUTH!

Don’t judge yourself for having fear just don’t let it consume you, or the people around you.

Until next time… Be brave, Be true, Be you