Equine Reflection offers Equine Gestalt Coaching

Chantel partners with the healing power of horses, to offer a variety of equine assisted individual, and group opportunities, to lead children and adults towards a greater sense of self-worth. As a self-image and body-image specialist, Chantel is passionate about changing the way you see yourself. Self-Image affects everything you do, think, or feel. Changing your story will change your life. Using the powerful “Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®” , Chantel and the horses assist you in finding the freedom of being purely you.

“The Middle of Somewhere Ranch” is located near the quiet community of Kingman, AB, (West of Tofield, AB and East of Edmonton, AB). At Equine Reflection, We believe that everyone needs a place where you are free to say what you need to say, where you are not judged and where someone sees your worth even when you don’t see your own. Chantel and her horses provide that place.

How can a Horses help you discover the truth

Horses see past the stories you have grown to believe about yourself, they see the truth. Stories of I am not good enough, I have no value, and I am unworthy hold no truth in the eye of a horse. Standing in the presence of a 1200lb truth seeker you will reflect on your life and choices, you will be guided to look beyond self doubt, self imposed limitations, and past experiences that may be holding you back. Horses hold no judgement; they offer a huge heartfelt space for you to learn, grow, and to discover the answers to your life’s questions.

No Horse experience necessary only the willingness to learn from one!

Chantel Schmidt
RR2 Kingman, AB