Inside vs Outside World

If our outside world reflects our inside world; then why are we running around frantically trying to fix our outside world? The idea of trying to change all the outer appearances, without looking at the internal cause can be crazy making.

Diet only tries to fix the exterior.

It’s obvious when you eat better you feel better. This isn’t usually the reason that someone goes on a diet. People go on a diet to lose weight, to be a certain size, to look a certain way. Yet if the internal reason that the weight is there in the first place isn’t dealt with then:

1. People lose weight only to put it back on

2. People lose weight yet still have “weighty” thinking

3. People end up obsessing about weight

4. People end up an unhealthy weight

5. People who don’t need to lose weight think they have to

People end up a vicious cycle that they just can’t seem to get off. Why? They have never looked at the reason they got on this cycle in the first place. Weight is more than pounds!

It is protection, it is emotions, it is past experiences, and it is how we value our self.

Like Dr.Phil says “if you need to lose weight go see a psychologist.” Coaches, therapists, councilors, and psychologists all can assist in changing perspective. Gaining internal insights will give the shift necessary to live a happy and healthy life. Whether it is weight or some other circumstance you are focusing on changing; you need to start looking at the reason, the root, the why. Only by looking at your inside world can you fix your outside world. Working from the inside out may be difficult at first. It is worth the effort, the tears the full expression of emotion. In the end, you will be stronger, more confident, and more capable of being yourself.

I’m not going to say its all roses without thorns; things may seem a little prickly at first. You might regret tackling the job. When you are done, you will be happier, and feel less weighed down by all the past stuff you have been carrying around!

Trust me you’re worth it!