You are so worth it!

I have heard from many people that “price” is the biggest reason for not moving forward with personal growth. Until two years ago I had the same frame of mind. Until I took the step into the unknown, scary, adventure of self-discovery. I am worth it! Once you come to terms with that you are worth spending time and money on hold on for a life change. Instead of clothes that you don’t wear, alcohol that brings you down, or junk that sits in your drawers filling your life with clutter. You will start spending your time and money on what matters most in life YOU. This not only fills your life with purpose it allows you to give to others. Are you walking around in life with nothing left to give because you haven’t filled your life account up?.  The “price” you are paying is a life of monotony and pain.

It can be a simple as walking or meditating every day

The price isn’t only paid by you for not taking care of your health and wellness; it is paid by everyone around you. When you are in survival mode just getting through the day no one wins, your family, your friends, and your co-workers all pay the price of your emotional and physical exhaustion. All it takes is the commitment to change and the choice to do differently. It can be a simple as walking or meditating every day.

I have spent the past two years of my life diving into my own stuff. Letting go of and healing the past is the way to a brighter future. FREE is how I feel and it my passion and purpose to assist others in doing the same. What is so scary anyway? To me leaving things stuffed and stuck is way scarier than dealing with them and moving on. I have spent more money than I would like to admit on my journey. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, and I am not done, this is just the beginning. Don’t let the stigma that society has put on needing help get in your way. Everyone and I mean Everyone has stuff in their past to deal with. It is hard to see inside your life so an outside perspective is a huge value.

Don’t take this wrong I’m not saying spend more than you can afford. What I am saying is don’t put your health and wellness last.

Are you already at your breaking point?

Don’t wait until you can’t stand the pain emotionally or physically anymore, to make it a priority. Start making health and wellness your first priority. Give yourself the gift of support. Not ready for a big step? Then take a small one, there are many options to start filling up your life with things that inspire you to grow. One of my favorite pastimes is reading an inspirational book. No time to read? A fun and easy way to get information is through books on CD; you’re in the car driving anyway, why not get something out of it? “Excuses Begone or Wishes Fulfilled” by Wayne Dyer is one I highly recommend reading. The opportunities for change are endless start on your journey of self-discovery, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT. More to give more to live.