Hey beautiful, talented, gorgeous YOU!
How has 2019 been so far? Did you hit the ground running or fall flat on your face trying to drag all your baggage from the previous year(s)?

I love how the New Year reminds us that we have a clean slate. Three Hundred and sixty-five glorious days to live the life we always wanted. OR not… I think sometimes we feel like if we don’t get it right out of the gate, we give up feeling like it’s too late. We don’t have to wait for the New Year to spur us to reassess life, at any given moment we can choose to begin again. That’s right every millisecond we are alive we can have a do-over!
So just because it’s February 1st and not January 1st doesn’t mean it’s too late to do what you wanted this year 😉

Last year I started with the intention of letting go of people and situations that did not value me. Oh boy, what a wild ride 2018 was. I can’t say it was easy however it was necessary.

This year it has taken me a while to assimilate all the lessons of 2018. January has been a month of deep inner reflection. I have been journaling and enjoying walks in nature. That’s what I love about the cold winter months sometimes we have no choice but to go within. All the things we have been busy ignoring begin to surface.

My deep dive within has felt like a heart excavation. I have sat with the wise, knowing presence of my heart and got real with myself. I started witnessing and busting some old ingrained patterns. The ones that despite knowing better I wasn’t doing better for me.

The question I asked myself was- Where am I not valuing me?
Holy Chickita, this a big one! I encourage you to look at this question for yourself.
This is some of the things that come up for me. Maybe you can relate.

1.) Making others more important than me. AKA People-pleasing. Trying to make everyone around me happy-happy in spite of my own needs. Yeh I know I’m not responsible for anyone’s happiness but my own- Big Sigh of recognition here! Words are just words until you put them into action.

2.) Not following my heart. Ignoring the gentle nudges to step fully into what I know- Despite what others think or say about it.

3.) Needing to have EVERYONE like me. Is that even possible? I am very likable 🙂

4.) Allowing other peoples opinions of me change the way I was showing up in life. I was either trying to prove them wrong or right. If the opinion was positive, I didn’t want to disappoint them. If it was negative, I would go about trying to prove them wrong. Either way, I was a prisoner of other people and their opinions of me.

5.) Lack of clear boundaries, lines that I don’t let others cross. My heart paid a severe price for this one. The power of NO is one I have had to learn over and over and over! My need to be kind and nice overshadowed my standing up for what I wanted or did not want.

Boy oh Boy my heart has had lots to say about my unhealthy choices. The good news with the awareness and willingness to own it I have complete power over my own life. You see denying these patterns only made them raise their ugly head. Now besides knowing better, I have started doing better. I can hear my heart saying it’s about time.

Want to join me in this Heart Excavation Exercise?
First get yourself in a comfortable, quiet spot. Next, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Tune into the beating of your heart and ask your heart.
What do you want me to know?
What makes you beat with excitement?
How do I you feel about _ ? (any situation or person)
What do you really, really, really want?
What areas do I need to pay more attention to?
What do I need to let go of?
What is the price I’m paying for not listening to you my big beautiful heart?

Pay close attention to the quiet whispers from your heart.
If you want to share with me what came up for you, I would love to hear from you and your heart.

Until next time 
BE Brave~ BE True~ Be YOU

Chantel Schmidt

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