Feathers, Feathers Everywhere

Driving to work one day I was listening to Wayne Dyers “Excuses Be gone”, this was the fifth time I had listened to this book on CD. Yes, I can be a little thick skulled and found that each time I listened, I heard something a little different. Practice for the day manifesting something into your life, start with something simple. AH HAH I thought feathers, feathers would be easy as I live on a farm. So as I drove to work I came up with a plan when a feather showed up at my door; I knew that it was a sign of being on the right track. Sounds simple right how hard could it be?

How do I be in the flow of a feather?

No feathers the first day, none the second or third. What was I doing wrong? In fact, I couldn’t see feathers anywhere! Seriously how hard could it be to find a feather? I was cursing the birds just one feather that’s all I am asking, you have so many of them. Wayne’s lesson seemed so simple, BE in the flow of what you want to attract. Be the feather, be the feather. How do I be in the flow of a feather?

It had been over a week and I hadn’t seen one single feather, frustration started to kick in. I decided that enough was enough, I was going to search for feathers on my walk. I went into the trees, in the pasture, and on the roads. All the while the birds flying around me mocking me with all the feathers they had. Tweet- tweet, Kah-Kah their little chirping voices mocking me was seriously making me mad. If you have ever watched magpies toy with a dog this is how I felt. If only I could reach up and grab one those buggers I would have my feather!

I thought that’s it I give up! I obviously can’t MAKE feathers come into my life that was very clear. Oh boy, I can’t make it happen, my ego had really TAKEN OVER THIS LITTLE PROJECT. So how do I change out of my ego state? The idea of gratitude came into my mind. So I stopped cursing the birds and thanked them for showing me how many feathers are in the world. At first, I wasn’t really thankful because I was still holding onto my frustration. I just kept focusing on the state of gratitude, eventually, I enjoyed seeing the birds fly over my head. While watching the birds, I put out my intention of having feathers show up. Here’s the big one I had no attachment any longer in how they showed up. I let go and decided to just be in allowance of them showing up whenever and where ever they did.

Thank you…

A couple weeks went by and I forgot all about my little project. Then it happened I stood just outside my door at work enjoying the sun and just before I went back inside, I looked down and saw a feather stuck in the rocks. I stared at it for a while then carefully picked it up. Finally, I think I’m onto something! In silence, I repeated thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I figured that was it, the universe finally showed me that I was in the flow of feathers.

er-feather-2But it didn’t end there when I got home from work my daughter walked up to me and handed me a feather. I never told her about my trying to manifest feathers. I questioned her, “Why did you bring me a feather?” She explained while out on a ride she saw a hawk feather and got off her horse to bring it home for me, she thought I would like it. In an unexpected way I received a feather I stood in awe examining the feather. On my walk that very night, I couldn’t keep count of the amount of feathers I saw. I continued to walk somewhat in disbelief, what was different? Had the amount of feathers in my world changed? Was it my ability to see them? Or had something changed in me? I think the answer is yes to all of those questions, but you decide for yourself. All I know is since that day I see feathers, feathers everywhere! My feather lesson showed me to not be closed minded on how things come into my life, or when they come into my life, and I definitely can’t make things show up. No, my magic little EGO wand won’t make things magically appear! Most of all I learned don’t curse those who have what I am trying to receive.