Flow is Famous

You might remember a while back that Flow, Zoey and I were on CTV, promoting horses as healers. Truth be told this cowgirl was shaking in her boots that day. Flow tends to be the horse that is stepping up in a big way to support me, in this venture of stepping outside my comfort zone.

flo-at-mane-eventFlow has been at the Mane event doing a Demo, on CTV, and she did a demo at the Pet Expo. Now we are gearing up for the Edmonton Woman’s show on Apr.18-19. 2015.

Without this amazing horse that oozes personality, I wouldn’t have had the courage to take on such ventures. I am more introverted in nature and prefer small crowds. I would much prefer it if the horses could speak English and I could just stand in the background. I have however learned to practice what I preach and step out of my comfort zone. So when the opportunity came to do two different radio interviews I said yes. The first one was on 630 CHED it aired Sunday just after 5:00 pm. If you would like to listen to it here is the link http://www.630ched.com/audio-vault/


flo-at-mane-event-2Flow and I will be heading into 103.9 CISN Fm to meet the morning crew. It will air Friday Apr.17, 2015 sometimes on the morning show with Chris, Jack and Matt.

This is nerve racking and fun all at the same time. I liken my new comfort zone to the new boots I just bought. At first, they hurt my feet they weren’t comfortable at all. I just wanted to grab my old boots and slip them back on. My old boots are worn out and cracked. I have been on many adventures with my old boots. My new boots just don’t feel right yet, I’m going to have to keep slipping them on my feet, and put one foot in front on the other. It may take some blisters, and times of achy sore feet until these new boots are comfortable.

Much like these new ventures Flow is taking me on. I don’t feel comfortable, I sometimes long to be back in my comfort zone. Yet I know if I don’t stretch and grow, I will not be helping the people who need it most. I will not be bringing people to my healing herd of horses. This is the reason behind my willingness to push myself. My reason is different than Flows; I think Flow does want to be famous!

Could you stand at step outside your comfort zone? All it takes is one step at a time and soon enough your comfort zone has grown bigger. I have taken huge leaps out of my comfort zone, and sometimes I land with a splat on the ground. Big leaps sounded good at the time. I now prefer to do one thing that scares me every day. This gives my new boots time to break in. I don’t think the method you chose is as important as your willingness to do it.

If you need someone to lean on while stepping fully into who you are, the horses and I are ready and waiting to support you.