Heart Excavation


Hey beautiful, talented, gorgeous YOU!How has 2019 been so far? Did you hit the ground running or fall flat on your face trying to drag all your baggage from the previous year(s)? I love how the New Year reminds us that we have a clean slate. Three Hun

Heart Excavation2019-07-31T11:28:58-06:00

Feathers, Feathers Everywhere


Feathers, Feathers Everywhere Driving to work one day I was listening to Wayne Dyers “Excuses Be gone”, this was the fifth time I had listened to this book on CD. Yes, I can be a little thick skulled and found that each time I listened, I heard someth

Feathers, Feathers Everywhere2017-02-22T11:26:53-07:00

You Are So Worth It!


You are so worth it! I have heard from many people that “price” is the biggest reason for not moving forward with personal growth. Until two years ago I had the same frame of mind. Until I took the step into the unknown, scary, adventure of self-disco

You Are So Worth It!2017-02-22T11:29:26-07:00
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