Stopping the Weight Obsession


How to stop obsessing about weight? Being weight obsession is a thought pattern; I created 3 simple steps to stop obsessive thought patterns. This can be used for any moment of stinking thinking! STOP – Say stop either out-loud or in your mind. Then c

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Feel Good Tips


Chantel's Feel Good Tips Celebrate who you are, not what you think you should be! Here are my favorite tips for you to feel better a day at a time! Tip #1 Start a gratitude journal, and use it daily. Writing down things you are grateful for helps inst

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Inside vs Outside World


Inside vs Outside World If our outside world reflects our inside world; then why are we running around frantically trying to fix our outside world? The idea of trying to change all the outer appearances, without looking at the internal cause can be cr

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The Professional Ignorer


The Professional Ignorer Your critic’s As a coach and self+body image specialist, I see how damaging other’s criticisms can be.They cause a deep emotional upset that can affect a person for years. Unfortunately, critics seem to be hiding in every litt

The Professional Ignorer2017-02-22T11:21:11-07:00

Internal Dialogue


Internal Dialogue Self-Judgement hurts… Think about those wiggly jiggly bits you judge.You know what I’m talking about all those body parts that aren’t quite right. Men, you do this too! As a specialist in the field of Body-Image and Self-Image, I hav

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