What’s love got to do with it?


I love affirmations with a caveat, Our internal messages and beliefs override positive affirmations, so you need to find those you can believe at least until you heal the belief. For the past three years, my self-talk in the mirror has been, you got th

What’s love got to do with it?2022-02-14T14:26:12-07:00

Healing Circle with Horses


Join us in this supportive healing circle with horses. Do you need a place to reconnect and recharge? Let's face it, this lack of connection has been hard on everyone. Now is the perfect time to go within and reconnect to who you really are. Join us in

Healing Circle with Horses2022-05-30T11:06:38-06:00

4 women – 4 weeks – 4 life Changing moments


Building courage and confidence with horses! Ready to live a more bold and courageous life? Do you desire to have unshakable self-confidence? Join this small, mighty group to create an undeniable shift in how you show up for yourself and others. If you

4 women – 4 weeks – 4 life Changing moments2022-05-30T12:57:20-06:00

Feel Good Tips


Chantel's Feel Good Tips Celebrate who you are, not what you think you should be! Here are my favorite tips for you to feel better a day at a time! Tip #1 Start a gratitude journal, and use it daily. Writing down things you are grateful for helps inst

Feel Good Tips2017-02-22T10:53:40-07:00
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