Fear the Fire Breathing Dragon


Fear the Fire Breathing Dragon There is nothing that spreads like wildfire more than fear. From one person’s lips to your ears, fear can inject into your psyche. The wildfire then spreads from your lips to another’s ears and so the fire breathing drag

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Laugh your______ off


Laugh your _______ off Mistakes are a part of life. Unfortunately much like everything else in life adults take their mistakes far too seriously. You can either let your mistakes define you or develop you. If you look at mistakes as a lesson or a time

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Feathers, Feathers Everywhere


Feathers, Feathers Everywhere Driving to work one day I was listening to Wayne Dyers “Excuses Be gone”, this was the fifth time I had listened to this book on CD. Yes, I can be a little thick skulled and found that each time I listened, I heard someth

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