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What does standing in your truth look & feel like?

Truth feels very different from how fear feels or how uncertainty or doubt, or falsehood feels. In fact, our conscious experience is the only way we have of knowing that we are in contact with the truth.

It feels like peace, freedom, and connection… It feels like knowing, trusting, and surrendering.

In this safe and sacred circle, you will have time to reconnect to your brilliantly authentic inner self.

You will also find the space to deeply connect to your heart, the earth, other women, your breath, and the magic of your truth. ( horses are fantastic heart & truth connectors)

In the presence of a 1200lb animal, you will be gifted with an unforgettable “AHA.”

* Limited spots available

* No horse experience necessary

* Max 10 fabulous women in this circle

* Held at Birch Bay indoor arena

* snacks tea & coffee provided

$150/person, call or e-mail to join this workshop

chantel@equinereflection.com or 780-293-4866

It’s time to open the gate, step into your truth and shine a light on who you are.

We are so excited to open the doors and create a space for you to BE ~ Chantel and the herd.

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