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Do you feel you’re imprisoned by self-doubt with more questions than answers?
Is the troll on your shoulder keeping you from stepping into the life you desire and deserve?
Is your authentic self screaming to break free?

If so, you are invited to join my herd and me on a healing journey of self-care and discovery.
Together, we’ll work through what’s holding you back from being your most brilliant self.
During this magical retreat, you’ll be given time and a safe space to allow your stories to unfold. Step by step, we’ll help you drop the self-doubt.

This weekend’s healing intensive is for you if you:

  • want time to allow yourself to shine
  • desire so much more in your life
  • you find yourself reacting to situations vs responding
  • feel an internal knowing that it’s time to stop hiding
  • have experienced mistreatment (it’s over, and in the past yet you still can’t move forward)
  • feel stuck in a cycle of self-neglect

This weekend healing intensive is not for if you:

  • have no desire to heal old wounds
  •  want a relaxing spa-type retreat, or a simple weekend getaway
  • aren’t ready to dig deep and look at past pains that are holding you back
  • you don’t like being outdoors

Are you ready to break free of your internal imprisonment? If the answer is YES, this workshop will be the perfect place and time.

This weekend will help you see and feel your true self. It’s time to open the gate, step into your truth and shine a light on your courageous self. I know it takes incredible bravery, so I’ll be there to personally support you on your journey back to who you truly are.

Only you have the key to your happiness.

What’s included in this weekend to personal freedom?

Most of all, incredible connection! You’ll have plenty of time to re-connect to your brilliantly authentic inner-self. As well, you’ll be given time to deeply connect to your heart ( horses are fantastic heart connectors). You will also connect to the earth, to other women, to your breath, and to the clear country air.

These are what past retreat participants said:

“Thank you for this amazing experience! I feel very empowered and excited to step forward into this new life. I felt safe and so very loved while I was able to release all the years of pain and trauma into the dirt. For a very long time, I have had a sense of extreme longing for the connection to my true self. That visual became real. I saw her in the eyes of my Flow. I am home!!”

“I loved working with my four-legged soul sisters; Flow, Zoey and Jazz. I connected deeply with Flow and have called on her in the past days to come to me again. She willingly took my sadness and transformed it into such a radiant stream of joy and happiness; a brilliant “knowing”! Once again, I remember me.”

“The Middle of Somewhere Ranch reached out to embrace me.
Strong, courageous women joined me on this journey to clear old stuck patterns in my life that no longer served me!
I was embraced with warmth, compassion and nurturing on my healing walk with the horses and Chantel while my fellow participates held space for my truth to come through. The early winter scape….the cold wind…the warm fire…the delicious food.
And the amazing Chantel made this a “Truly” unforgettable retreat!”

Let me paint you an even bigger picture:

  • Friday night – we’ll sit around a warm campfire, open our hearts, and allow whatever needs healing to surface. We’ll drink in the beauty that nature provides. Time and space will be given to share our stories in this safe circle of women.
  • Saturday – we’ll delve further into our heart space, opening, trusting, and allowing the horses to help guide us to joy, peace, love, and light. This day will leave you with many hidden gems that’ll last a lifetime.
  • Sunday- More healing, more connection, and more of you

I think you get the idea; you’ll leave wholly connected to your true self through magnificent encounters with our horses, like-minded women, and nature.

You will be provided with:

  • Healing moments with the horses and me
  • Walks in nature
  • Quiet-time to journal
  • Morning meditation
  • Coffee, water, and snacks (bring your own bagged lunch)

When: Truly You starts Friday, Sept.9 at 6:30, Saturday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sunday from 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Where: This workshop will be hosted at Divine Grace AAT, a gorgeous outdoor setting.

Cost: The price for this retreat is $555+gst or $777+gst with a private session, $111 in savings

*private sessions can be used at any time that we can be outdoors.
*Designed for women ages 21 and up. Max six women for this retreat.

Registration: Call or e-mail to reserve your spot: 780-293-4866 or chantel@equinereflection

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