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Ready to ditch the inevitable disappointment of yo-yo dieting?

Join me on an enlightening journey into The Weightless Mind ™

Discover your “body beautiful” that blossoms from within!

On this special day, we will work together to positively

  • Identify and eliminate your roadblocks to weight loss
  • Overcome any unhealthy eating patterns
  • Discover a new way to be with food
  • Learn to move your body with ease and joy
  • Uncover your “WHY” the key to keeping you motivated
  • Ultimately achieve natural and permanent weight release

If You Want Something Different, You Have To Do Something Different.

If you’re finished failing at the typical, restrictive Weight Loss methods this day is for YOU!

Held at the Days Inn Sherwood Park, lunch included

Time: 10:00 AM- 3:00PM

About your host:

Chantel studied for over twenty years at the school of weight loss.
In this study, she found that the focus was misguided, and did not solve anyone’s issues with the body or weight. It’s not about the weight well not in pounds anyway, and the body is not the problem.

Having overcome her own weight obsession, Chantel inspires women and teens to redefine how they see themselves and fully embrace who they are.

As a lifetime horsewoman and a certified Equine Gestalt Coach®, Chantel offers horse partnered programs to build self-esteem, confidence, and authenticity. With the aid of her equine partners, she assists people in releasing emotional and physical weight.