Come to connect with the horses at Birch Bay Ranch. Does the thought of groups leave you feeling a little squeamish? Don’t worry groups at the ranch are like Vegas, what happens at the ranch stays at the ranch. This group is for you if you are ready to dig deep and face your fears. We will shed the old stories and replace them with the truth. Can you feel the freedom?

Build your confidence, bust your old stories, and become a Bad Ass woman!

I know secretly you don’t feel all that confident, maybe you are stuck in self-doubt, having the voices in your head tell you-you are not enough. You’re questioning your every move, and feel insecure. Deep down you know that you are the one getting in the way of your best life and just don’t know what to do about it.

That’s OK! Shh, it’s our secret- we won’t tell anyone that you don’t know you’re a Bad Ass Woman yet, we are going to wake her up. Tell her that she is more than enough, that she is beautiful just as she is, and that she has a right to speak her truth. We will show her that her value comes from within.

You will be seen, You will be heard, You will be understood. We will say welcome home!

Join this fabulous group of ladies. Together we will be finding our inner roar, developing our individual nature and discovering we are so much more than we think. Bring a friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter, or any an adventurous woman you know. This is going to be a time to remember who you really are. Ages 21 and up.

Jan.25 Friday evenings, 6:00-9:00 pm for 6 weeks- group limited to 8.

Regular $497 XMAS SPECIAL $400 – Yes you read this right six weeks of incredible experiences with horses and other women for only $400! What a way to kick off the New Year.