Passionate about People, Passionate about Horses

Coaching people to move through self-doubt and to walk a path of authenticity

About me: Chantel White
I am a seeker of truth and have a passion for making a difference.
I am someone who has suffered, stumbled and got back up.

I know the pain of searching for love in all the wrong places. Self-love is the only way to live an authentic and vibrant life.

What lights me up is watching people find their truth and authenticity.
When you work with me, I offer an honest, authentic, and compassionate heart. I listen deeply and hear well beyond words: you will feel heard understood and safe. I’m intuitive, sensitive, and somewhat funny, at least I think so.

Mostly I am someone who believes in you when you don’t. The horses and I are here to guide you back to who you were before the world got ahold of you.

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The Equine Reflection’s Mission

Founded in July 2011, our mission is to help people of all ages become who they are meant to be. We are driven by the passion for replacing self-judgement with self-acceptance. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, nurturing place of non-judgment for people of all ages, to work through personal pains, growth, and discovery.

Meet the Herd

Each horse has a gift – which one of these horses will be your next healer?

JazzyQuarter Horse
Jazzy is the herd leader. Jazzy requires a lot of personal space and isn’t a cuddly kind of horse. She does like to offer a place for people to stand in your personal power and will have nothing to do with people who don’t speak their truth. She is honest, steady and trustworthy.
Jazzy’s message is: “Be who you are”.

SophiaQuarter Horse Cross
Sophia was born on our farm. She is very beautiful and she knows it. Sophia has a regal attitude in the herd and holds her head high. She likes to bust people who aren’t owning their feelings. She has a no-nonsense, quiet approach with people.
Sophia’s message is: “It is safe to be beautiful”.
FlowTennessee Walker
Flow has tons of personality. She has many talents and gifts. Flow teaches boundaries, she builds confidence, and instills tons of wisdom in her sessions, never forgetting to have a sense of humor in her delivery. Flow has traveled with Chantel to many conferences, read Flow’s Travel Blog to learn more.
Flow’s message is: “Step into your wisdom and do what you know”.
AceQuarter Horse
Ace is gelding with a huge heart and owned by Chantel’s daughter. He was won through an essay writing contest giving youth an opportunity to own a quality registered horse. Ace has many ways of getting his messages across to his clients. He helps people release uncertainty, and past hurt.
Ace’s message is: “Get out of your head and into your heart”.
She is sensitive and brings a kind and gentle spirit to her sessions. Zoey has shown many people how to be gentle with themselves, and embrace a lighter more playful life attitude. Being an introvert Zoey prefers private sessions and small groups. She is the first horse to raise her hoof to partner with Chantel in sessions.
Zoey’s message is: “Embrace your inner light”.

Bradley is our mini farm dog. Though he’s not a horse, Bradley loves to be part of sessions and workshops. He comforts people and even participates in some of the activities. He is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet.
Bradley’s message is: “Be happy”

“…he seemed to know how I was hurting and came to me and lowered his head into my arms. I cannot explain the joy I felt when this happened. … Diesel allowed me to literately hang on him and it seemed as though a great deal of my pain left my body and passed threw his.”

Karen – British Columbia

“I feel very empowered and excited to step forward into this new life. I felt safe and so very loved while I was able to release all the years of pain and trauma into the dirt. For a very long time, I have had a sense of extreme longing for the connection to my true self. That visual became real. I saw her in the eyes of my Flow. I am home!”.

Yvonne, Saskatchewan

“How has this helped me in my real life? I have experienced a huge leap in confidence because I now know I can (and have) set boundaries and I don’t have to get mad to maintain them, I can be calm and firm”.

Terri, Saskatchewan